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And now I have another late night writing assistant

And Then There Were Four

So I know I’ve been a bit absent this past week, but only cause we’ve been a bit busy the last couple of days. I’m sure my scores of tens of fans have been eagerly awaiting a new post with baited breath, and I figured it’d only be fair to give the loyal readers an update before I get back to the usual Daddery.

Those folks that know us know we’ve been avid dog people for the last decade. I’ve had dogs my whole life as far back as I can remember. From my golden retriever Jake when I was a kid, to my Dachshund Millie, Beagle Chuck Norris, Black Lab Charlie, Malinois mix Cassidy, and our German Shepherd puppy Gunner. We’d gotten Gunner early this year after Charlie had passed away, and there had been another empty spot in our pack ever since Chuck passed away shortly after Charlie did. A couple weeks back we took in two other dogs: Kleo and Kopper. Those two girls belong to a good friend of mine when he’d asked us to watch over them for awhile until they could get out of the rental house they are currently in that does not allow dogs.

With Gunner and Cassidy, and now our friend’s two dogs we had four dogs in the house. Along with an 8mo old human minion things got a little hectic from time to time as my friend’s dogs got acclimated to living with us. Still, for some reason that I’m not all too sure of my wife was still keeping an eye out there for other German Shepherds in need of a good home.

Operation Rescue

Last Friday my wife had told me about a GSD she’d seen listed at one of our local shelters, and over the weekend I sent an email to the shelter to get some more information on him. Monday came around and I didn’t hear anything back on him, but when I got home from work my wife also showed me a listing on a facebook group for listing pets in need of homes in our area about another GSD in need of a home. We weren’t really German Shepherd people until we’d gotten Gunner and gone through the growing pains associated with a young GSD puppy. Ever since then we’ve become completely sold on the breed. German Shepherds aren’t for everyone, they’re a different kind of dog that takes some experience in owning and training dogs before you get invested in bringing one into your family. When she showed me the post on facebook I saw some troubling signs from some of the people that were posting about their interest in her so I got in contact with the woman who’d posted about her.

After speaking with her for a bit we agreed to setup a time the next day for me to come visit with the GSD she was trying to find a new home for. Then on Tuesday morning the shelter finally emailed me back and let me know that they’d removed the listing for the GSD they had because they’d been trying to contact his owner. Afterwards they’d informed me the owner would not be taking him back because he’d recently moved to a home with a small yard, and since he traveled a lot he didn’t feel he could provide the necessary exercise he needed. Normally I might have left it at that and waited to see if he found a home, but when they told me he was nine years old I got the feeling there wouldn’t be much interest in him.

So now I had a two year old shepherd I was going to visit on my lunch break, and a nine year old I was going to see in the shelter after work. We’d both already agreed we probably didn’t need another dog since we have another baby on the way, and that we’d wait until after our second is born before considering getting another dog. But somehow I got the feeling if either or both of these pups needed a home then neither of us could say no.

So that day at lunch I went to visit the two year old GSD, Anna. We’ve since changed her name to Freya, named for one of the Norse Goddesses. I figured it’d be more fitting for her than Anna, and from my visit with her it didn’t seem like she was really responding to that name anyways. I got a better look at the conditions she was living in, a house with eight kids and as many dogs, a mix of pitbulls and a rottweiler or two. The lady had told me her daughter had randomly gone and bought the dog from someone one day, and recently she hadn’t been getting along with some of her other female dogs when they were in heat which was why she was trying to find a better home for her. I’d already made up my mind after only being there a couple minutes that she’d be coming home with me before the week was over. So I told the lady we’d take her in, i just wanted to wait and pick her up early in the morning in a couple days so I could schedule an appointment for her with our veterinarian to have her spayed and I could pick her up after work. After contacting out vet I found out they were booked for surgeries until next week, so I decided I’d go pick her up Thursday afternoon after work. While she insisted she was getting enough to eat, she looked a bit too thin to be healthy and I wanted to get her seen by our vet and back home as soon as possible.

That was Tuesday during my lunch break. After I got off work I headed over to the shelter to visit the 9 year old GSD. I found out his name was Brutus, and it’d taken the shelter a while to contact his owner because the microchip he had was German. Because of the foreign microchip all they could read off of it was it’s number. Luckily the owner had contacted them, and they’d learned he was a full blooded German Shepherd from Germany, a cross between a Belgian Shepherd and a German Shepherd. That made much more sense after I’d seen what good condition he was in for his age, considering most GSDs have an average lifespan of 10-12 years and at 9 he still looked to be in his prime. I was surprised when they’d told me he actually was getting quite a bit of attention, and when I’d learned where he was from and his pedigree I got the feeling I knew why. A dog like this would have cost his original owner several thousand dollars, not to mention the cost of transporting him over to the US from Germany. At this point it was close to closing time, and I got the feeling if I didn’t get him out of there that afternoon then he’d soon be taken by someone else, and there was no guarantee what their intentions for him would be.

K9’s in Trouble

One of the reasons we’ve become a bit protective when we see GSDs in our area being put up to go to a new home is that there’s been a rising problem of dog fighting in this area. Before it was the perpetrators themselves finding and acquiring dogs to use in training their fighting dogs. Lately they’ve begun resorting to having their wives and girlfriends contact owners trying to find homes for dogs and picking them up for them so people wouldn’t suspect the real reason they were so eager to take the dog off their hands. German Shepherds aren’t exactly known to be small and defenseless, something these vile excuses for human beings look for in dogs to use in training their own fighting dogs.

Not too long ago in February there was heavy suspicion of a dog fighting ring in Gwinnett County here in Georgia, and only a couple months before that 4 men were arrested in McRae County for running a dog fighting operation. Only a month before that, the ‘Godfather’ of high stakes dog fighting was sentenced to prison for operating a massive dog fighting operation in Alabama.

It could have just been speculation on my part, but when I saw some of the people that were posting their interest on facebook for 2 year old Anna I felt the need to come to an agreement with her owner so that we could take her in as soon as possible. And while the interest in Brutus at the shelter could have just been people hoping to cash in on getting a rather expensive, albeit older, dog for next to nothing, I didn’t want to risk him going to a home that wasn’t prepared for the attention he would need.

OEB To the Rescue

In the end, on Tuesday afternoon Brutus left the shelter with me, and got a trip to Petco for a sweet new collar and leash. He got a clean bill of health from our Vet the next day. He’s a big boy, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little apprehensive as to how it would go with our other dogs when I brought him home. Luckily there were no issues at all as he seemed mostly aloof to our other dogs. Even the cat gave him a ‘WTF?!’ looked when she first saw him, but he didn’t even pay her any mind.

Brutus on the way to get decked out at Petco

Brutus on the way to get decked out at Petco

On Thursday after work I went by and picked up Freya and got her straight over to the Vet to get checked out. Unfortunately she didn’t get as clean a bill of health as Brutus did, testing positive for Hookworms. I suspect this better explains why she looks like she wasn’t getting nearly enough to eat where she was before. Luckily it’s not too serious and the Vet sent me home with some deworming medication to get her all cleared up. Just as with when I brought Brutus home, I was a bit apprehensive as to how she would be accepted by our other dogs, but luckily they all took to her just fine and have since accepted her as one of their own. I got the feeling she wasn’t getting as much to eat/drink where she was before as she gulped down nearly all the water in the bowl outside, followed by a whole bowl of food once she got inside the house. She even took to her new crate like a champ, much better than our others have in the past. She’s eating better now, and we have high hopes that in the next couple weeks she’ll put on a few more pounds and get back to a more healthy weight.

And now I have another late night writing assistant

And now I have another late night writing assistant

Now we have six dogs in the house, one 8mo old minion, and another minion on the way. Things should be interesting around here for the foreseeable future to say the least.

Stay classy folks, and stay tuned for more adventures in Dadness.

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